October 14, 2014


On a whim while grocery shopping, I decided to buy a can of pure pumpkin. Now jumping right on the pumpkin spice bandwagon, I decided to make some into pumpkin spice latte. Proceed to buzzfeed here to see the craze.

While I wish asian coffee chains served pumpkin spice latte, I heard in rhe actual drink,

October 09, 2014


Alright for this week's MWM, be prepared for animal videos. Very random animals.

  • If you have not seen this two kangaroos I suggest you do it now. The stars of the show are the two kangaroos fighting it out, but damn that background music fits perfectly. Watch here.
  • Some genius decided to strap a GoPro on his dog and watch how he bounds towards the sea. Gotta love how Walter the Labrador runs at full speed even with all those rocks. Check it out!
  • On a side note. Give Goodmail a shot. 
"GoodMail is project hosted by Do Something Good. When you agree to send an anonymous message of inspiration and hope, you'll also receive one from another participant in this project. On November 1, we'll send the emails out. We can't wait for all the good feels to come around!" Link here.

Have a great week!